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Banda Bags
Brand Identity


A strong and engaging brand repositioning better aligned with the Banda Bags’ core values, obtained through a communication strategy rebuild and a brand essence redefinition.

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Strategic Rebranding

Renew the Ultrabatch Brand Image keeping in mind its roots: a challenge faced with a well-rounded brand strategy, from design to communication, till the event launch date.

Direction Logistic

Brand Image

An exclusive and customized digital format that values the market trends through informative contents, and actively engages the users through social media communication.

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TOTY 2023
Live Events

The most important international event in the agricultural machinery sector is enriched with new content, thus broadening the boundaries of networking to new horizons.

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Yoga Day 2023
Event Marketing & Production

An unforgettable sharing experience, planned to the tiniest details to leave a tangible mark and an everlasting memory on a wide audience of Yoga passionates.

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SIMA 2022
Immersive Experience

Digital Totems, products unveiling, contests, shows and performers for an immersive experience that links brand communication and entertainment

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An adrenaline-pumping commercial for competition beyond all limits.

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Sponsorship content for the prestigious sports competition’s 2023 destination in France.

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Bike Campaign
Sustainability Campaign

An international communication campaign that combines sustainability and cross-media strategy: companies with sustainable projects win branded bicycles. From the website to engaging videos and graphics, the campaign extends across TV commercials (TVC), Facebook, and Linkedin.

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BKT Stories
Branded Videos Production

A branded format that puts people at the center telling authentic stories from every corner of the world. Through the voices of the protagonists, we share their lives and experiences with a global audience.

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BKT Website
Digital Format

An explosive restyle for the BKT Website. Customized contents, design, and user interface to empower the brand values and provide the users with an authentic digital experience!

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Metaverse Design

Concept and implementation of the metaverse area always up to date, from the graphic design concept to the software development, to offer the users a complete immersive experience of the brand universe.

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Metaverse Design

Gamification, 3D modelling, virtual events, showcases, interactive experiences: 20ACTION overcomes the last frontier between real and digital world with its own Metaverse realization.

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BKT Social Media
Social Media Management

Strategic planning, synergic structure of editorial plans and multiformat contents’ production: these are the pillars of the global communication strategy we implement for webistes and social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube.

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